Phone Systems for all of Your Telecommunications Needs


Hi-Tech Communications specializes in Panasonic Communication systems, but has the experience and expertise to install and support all major brands of telephone systems. Choosing the right telephone system is an important decision; we can help you decide what your current needs are as well as what your needs might be 5 years down the road. We're with you every step of the way.

With features like:

Cell phone integration – Gives you the freedom of using your cell phone as an extension of your phone system.

VoIP/SIP Extensions – Allows you to easily have offsite extensions, such as; another office or a traveling employee.

Wireless Extensions – Can work independently, or be paired to a desk phone, using a network of cell station antennas to provide an almost limitless coverage area.

SIP Trunking – Purchase your phone service though multiple providers around the world, over your internet connection. In most cases this provides a cost savings, as well as advanced features such as; Direct Inward Dial (DID), the ability to control outgoing caller ID per extension and greater flexibility for incoming call groups.

Voicemail to Email notification – Receive and listen to voicemail messages anytime, anywhere through your Email.

Office to office IP Gateway – Allows multiple sites with separate phone systems to be connected. Calls can be answered offsite and then transferred to any site on the network.

Call Reporting – Keep track of incoming and outgoing calls. Also can report call data within sales groups.

Door phone/Door opener – Guests or delivery drivers can reach, and speak to employees with the touch of a button. Doors can be opened directly from system extensions.

and many more.

We understand that the choices can seem overwhelming.

Give us a call; we are more than happy to discuss your options with you and help you understand how they might benefit your business's telecommunications needs